Working in Dubai: Opportunities for Spanish Speakers

Dubai, a city known for its luxurious lifestyle and high-rise buildings, is a melting pot of cultures with over 200 nationalities represented. This multicultural city is a hub for expatriates, with 80% of its workforce being international. If you’re a Spanish speaker seeking job opportunities in Dubai, this guide will provide you with the necessary information to kickstart your career in this vibrant city.

The Job Market in Dubai

Dubai’s economy is one of the strongest in the world, with tourism and commerce playing significant roles alongside oil and gas exports. The city is home to a multitude of international companies, creating a demand for multilingual professionals. While Spanish is not an official language in Dubai, Spanish speakers are sought after, particularly in customer service roles.

Visa Requirements for Working in Dubai

To work in Dubai, you’ll need a work permit, which requires a sponsor. This sponsor can be an individual or a company that assists you with the necessary paperwork. For most international employees, their employer acts as their sponsor.

Where to Find Job Opportunities for Spanish Speakers in Dubai

There are several online platforms where you can find job opportunities for Spanish speakers in Dubai. Here are a few:

  • LinkedIn: Many companies use LinkedIn to find and contact potential candidates. It’s a great platform to find job opportunities for Spanish speakers.
  • Akhtaboot: This job portal offers job opportunities in the Middle East.
  • Bayt: This platform provides job opportunities in Dubai and other parts of the Middle East.
  • dubizzle: This website, although in English, offers over 5,000 job opportunities.
  • GulfTalent: Here, you can find job opportunities and information about salaries and other resources.
  • HigherEdjobs: This portal offers job opportunities for those interested in teaching roles in Dubai.
  • Monster: This global job portal offers job opportunities worldwide.

When searching for jobs that require Spanish, use the keyword “Spanish”. You can also look for Spanish companies established in Dubai that may require Spanish-speaking employees.

Things to Consider When Seeking Work in Dubai

When looking for a job in Dubai that requires Spanish, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Language Skills: While you may be a native Spanish speaker, you’re seeking work in a country where Spanish isn’t the official language. English is the language of business in Dubai, and being able to speak and write in Arabic can give you an advantage.
  • Experience and Education: Having relevant experience or education can give you an edge when applying for jobs.
  • CV: Adapt your CV to suit the job you’re applying for. Highlight your skills and qualities that are relevant to the job.
  • Company Research: Use platforms like Glassdoor to learn about the company you’re applying to. This can give you an advantage over other candidates.


Dubai offers numerous opportunities for Spanish speakers. While knowledge of one of the country’s official languages is crucial, there are many roles, particularly in customer service, where Spanish is highly valued. By using online job portals and tailoring your CV to the Dubai job market, you can increase your chances of finding work in this dynamic city.

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