Unveiling the Salary for a Bricklayer in New York: A Detailed Guide


Are you considering a career as a bricklayer in New York? Or perhaps you’re an employer looking to hire a bricklayer and want to ensure you’re offering a competitive salary? Either way, understanding the average salary for a bricklayer in New York is crucial. This article will provide you with the information you need.

The Role of a Bricklayer

Before we delve into the numbers, let’s first understand the role of a bricklayer. Bricklayers, also known as blocklayers or masons, are skilled tradespeople who lay bricks, concrete blocks, and other types of building blocks in mortar. They construct and repair walls, partitions, arches, and other structures.

Factors Influencing a Bricklayer’s Salary in New York

Experience and Skill Level

Just like any other profession, the salary of a bricklayer can vary significantly based on their experience and skill level. A bricklayer with years of experience and a high skill level will generally earn more than someone just starting in the profession.


The cost of living in New York is higher than the national average, and this is reflected in the salaries of bricklayers. Wages in New York tend to be higher than in other parts of the country to compensate for the higher cost of living.

Average Salary of a Bricklayer in New York

As of 2023, the average salary for a bricklayer in New York is approximately $70,000 per year. However, this can range from around $50,000 for entry-level positions to over $90,000 for highly experienced bricklayers.

Please note that these are average figures, and actual salaries can vary. Factors such as the employer, the specific job duties, and the bricklayer’s level of experience and skill can all affect the salary.

Tips for Bricklayers Seeking Employment in New York

Research and Negotiate

Don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary based on your skills, experience, and the average salaries in your area. Do your research and know your worth.

Continuous Learning

The construction industry is always evolving. Stay updated with the latest techniques and technologies to increase your value as a bricklayer.


Networking can open up opportunities for better-paying jobs. Join local trade organizations and attend industry events to meet potential employers and learn about job openings.


Understanding the average salary for a bricklayer in New York can help you make informed decisions, whether you’re considering a career in this field or looking to hire a bricklayer. Remember, these figures are averages, and actual salaries can vary based on various factors. Always do your research, keep learning, and don’t underestimate the power of networking.

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