Unleashing the Wild: Your Guide to Working in Alaska

Alaska, a name that conjures images of wild frontiers, thrilling adventures, and jobs that are anything but ordinary. As the largest state in the United States, Alaska spans over 663,267 square kilometers, yet it is home to less than a million people. This state, surrounded by the Arctic and Pacific Oceans, shares its borders with Canada and is separated from Russia by the Bering Strait. With its diverse geographical features ranging from glaciers to mountains, fjords, islands, tundras, coastlines, and rivers, Alaska is undoubtedly a wild place ready for those seeking adventures.

The Economic Landscape of Alaska

One of the significant economic and employment sources in this North American state are the oil fields, which have spurred enormous economic growth in Alaska over the past few decades, despite geographical isolation and harsh living conditions. Besides oil, the sea and tourism industries also offer employment options that attract thousands of people each year to work for the season. Other sectors include dairy production, barley, oats, hay, potatoes, lettuce cultivation, animal breeding, natural gas, timber, gold and other minerals, aerospace technology, and transportation.

How to Find Employment in Alaska

Many people visit Alaska each year in search of adventures. Traveling through the state’s most famous National Parks, encountering the planet’s largest grizzly bears, fishing for salmon in the Cooper rivers, skiing on one of the many ski resorts, embarking on kayak excursions in search of whales and orcas, rafting down the tumultuous rivers, exploring the icy glaciers, sailing on the northern cruises, or simply enjoying the tranquility of homes situated in remote locations of Alaska.

To facilitate all these adventures, a large number of companies and professionals are required to offer their services. From hotel staff, hospitality, adventure, sports, tourism, translators, photographers, guides, there are many job positions available.

The best time of the year to work in the tourism sector in Alaska is between May and September, where around 1.5 million state visitors travel to this state.

Here are some examples of how to find work in Alaska:

  • Working on an Alaskan fishing boat: This is one of the most sought-after jobs. Many people come each season to find employment on a boat in Alaska.
  • Working in National Parks: There are often job offers to work in Alaska’s National Parks. Here you can find some options to get to know and work in one of these parks.
  • Staying on an organic farm in Alaska.
  • Working on a cruise.
  • Job Monkey Alaska: A website where you can find a lot of information about working in Alaska in the summer.
  • National Parks of Alaska.
  • Alaska’s Government Employment Department.
  • Alaska.net: A small guide with all the information to move to Alaska.
  • Coolworks: A website where you can find many options to work in Alaska.


Working in Alaska is an adventure in itself. Not only does it offer the opportunity to live in a place of stunning natural beauty, but it also provides a chance to work in a unique and exciting environment. Whether you’re a fisherman, a park ranger, a farmhand, or a cruise ship worker, there’s a place for you in Alaska. So, are you ready to take the next step in your career?

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