The Cuban Charade: A Guide to the Numbers

The Cuban Charade, or “Charada” as it is known in Cuba, is a unique cultural phenomenon that assigns different meanings to each number from 1 to 100. These meanings can range from animals and objects to emotions, places, and people. While there are several variations of the Charada, such as La China and La Afrocubana, this article will focus on the most commonly used version in Cuba.

Understanding the Cuban Charada

The Cuban Charada is a system where each number from 1 to 100 is assigned a specific meaning. These meanings can be anything from animals, objects, and emotions to places and people. For example, the number 1 is associated with a small horse, the sun, and an inkwell, while the number 2 is linked to a butterfly, a man, little money, and a coffee maker.

The Significance of the Charada

The Charada is deeply ingrained in Cuban culture and is often used in everyday conversations, jokes, and even in the interpretation of dreams. It is also used in popular games of chance, where the meanings of the numbers are used to interpret the results.

A Comprehensive List of the Cuban Charada

Here is the complete list of the meanings assigned to the numbers in the Cuban Charada:

  • 01: Small horse, Sun, Inkwell
  • 02: Butterfly, Man, Little money, Coffee maker
  • 03: Small child, Sailor, Cup
  • 04: Cat, Santa Barbara, Candle, Tooth, Mouth, Key
  • 05: Good woman, Nun, Sea, Letter, Padlock
  • 06: Turtle, Lamp, Candle
  • 08: Small dead person, Pumpkin
  • 10: Eggs, Toilet, Car
  • 12: Prostitute, Star, Refrigerator
  • 13: Pimp, Big child, Saint Lucia, Peacock
  • 14: Cemetery at night, Tiger cat, Lovers, Pan
  • 15: Small dog, Beautiful girl, Spoon
  • 16: Bull, Earring, Holy woman, Dress
  • 17: Saint Lazarus, Moon, Nightgown
  • 19: Earthworm, Flag, Big table
  • 20: Jar, Fine cat, Urinal
  • 25: Fine stone, New house, Sun
  • 30: Shrimp, Male organ, Calendar
  • 35: Small spider, Light bulb
  • 37: Witch, Witch butterfly, Dark chicken, Ant, Road
  • 38: A lot of money, Macaw, Car
  • 40: Priest, Little blood, Cantina
  • 42: Duck, Distant country, Spain
  • 44: Year of the leather, Guácara with guácara, Temporal, Pot
  • 47: Small bird, Homosexual, Escort
  • 48: Cockroach, Fan, Barber shop
  • 49: Drunk, Stove, Hanger
  • 51: Soldier, Rural guard, Night watchman
  • 53: Electric light, Kiss, Dynamite
  • 55: Crab, Bat, Islander with blows, Bullet
  • 56: Chicken taken out, Meringue, Queen, Shirt, Stone
  • 58: Portrait, Knife, Adultery
  • 60: Clown, Egg, Cosmic, Big bird
  • 61: Big horse, Rice, Apothecary
  • 62: Marriage, Robbery, Murder, Crime
  • 63: Killer, Bandit, Police
  • 66: Jar, Pair of mares, Kiss, Moving
  • 72: Ox, Turtle, Necklace, Rain
  • 74: Kite, Military, Colonel
  • 77: Crutches of Saint Lazarus, Banknotes
  • 78: Coffin, Sarcophagus, Dead, King
  • 80: Old doctor, Desperate, Umbrella
  • 88: Glasses, Worm, Glass
  • 89: A lot of water, Old house, Comet
  • 92: Big pig, Airplane, Balloon, Cuba
  • 95: Big dog, War, Court of Justice
  • 96: Old shoe, Old prostitute, Old suitcase
  • 97: Mosquito, Cricket, Prisoner
  • 99: Saw, Rooster, Coalman


The Cuban Charada is a fascinating aspect of Cuban culture, offering a unique way of interpreting numbers and their meanings. Whether used in games of chance, in interpreting dreams, or simply in everyday conversation, the Charada is a distinctive part of Cuba’s cultural heritage.

Please note that this list is part of the popular argot and does not reflect our convictions. We apologize for any term that may be offensive to the reader. This article is opposed to any form of discrimination, racial

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