The Best Jobs in Tampa, Florida for Undocumented Workers

The Land of Opportunities

The United States is often referred to as the land of opportunities, a final destination for those seeking a better lifestyle. Many immigrants choose Florida due to its large Hispanic population and flexibility with the Spanish language. If you’ve just arrived in the state and are still resolving your immigration status, here are the top five jobs in Tampa, Florida for undocumented workers in 2023.

Pet Walker – The Best Job for Undocumented Workers in Tampa, Florida

In Tampa, Florida, the best job for an undocumented person is as a pet caretaker or walker. Especially after the pandemic, many people have adopted pets and, with the new normal, do not have enough time for their care. They hire people to cover that time. As a pet walker, you would be responsible for walking dogs, cleaning up after them during walks, and possibly even feeding, bathing, and playing with them for a set period.

Construction Assistant – Jobs in Tampa, Florida for Undocumented Workers

Another area with many vacancies for undocumented people in Tampa is as a construction assistant. Many Hispanic immigrants earn money by dedicating themselves to this type of work, especially those who are still undocumented. As a construction assistant, you would be responsible for carrying heavy materials like cement bags, rocks, bricks, and blocks, performing excavations for tunnel installation, transporting debris with wheelbarrows, providing tools to masons, assisting in the placement of ceramic or granite floors, among other tasks.

Waiter – Employment in Tampa, Florida for Undocumented Workers

Working as a waiter is one of the jobs with the most vacancies for undocumented foreigners in Tampa. Whether in a restaurant, a bar, a nightclub, or even within the hotel industry, there are usually multiple shift rotations in the staff, thus providing different opportunities to work. As a waiter, you would be responsible for delivering dishes from the kitchen to the diner, recommending the specialty of the day and drinks, and generally earning good tips if there is a good dynamic with the diners.

Driver – Job for Undocumented Workers in Tampa, Florida

Working as a private driver is an excellent alternative for undocumented Latinos in Tampa. In fact, these types of jobs usually pay very well, especially those families who are in a good economic position and need daily transfers. As a driver, you would need to be willing to work night shifts, have a valid driver’s license, at least two years of driving experience, and a good command of English.

Cleaning Service – Jobs in Tampa, Florida for Undocumented Women

Primarily in residential areas, the cleaning service in Tampa is one of the most requested, so there are usually many vacancies available. This is an opportunity that many undocumented foreigners take advantage of as a first job once they settle in Florida. As a cleaning service worker, you would be responsible for cleaning rooms, disinfecting bathrooms, performing laundry service, sanitizing floors, among other things.

How to Find a Job in Tampa, Florida as an Undocumented Worker

Finding a job in Tampa, Florida requires meeting certain requirements, especially if you are undocumented. However, if you apply for a job through an agency, it will have its own requirements to help you find a job that fits your profile. Common requirements include being of legal age, being in good physical condition, being willing to work rotating shifts, being drug-free, having no criminal record, and having some level of English proficiency.

Where to Find Work as an Undocumented Worker in Tampa, Florida

Just like in many other places in the United States, job offers can be found through:

  • Local businesses with “Help Wanted” signs: A walk, either near your residential area or in the more commercial areas of Tampa, canlead to finding job opportunities. Many businesses place “Help Wanted” signs in their windows when they have vacancies.
  • Online job boards: Websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Craigslist often have job listings for Tampa, Florida. While these sites typically require legal work status, some job postings may not explicitly state this requirement.
  • Word of mouth: Networking is a powerful tool in any job search. Talk to people in your community, friends, family, or even people you meet in public places. They might know of job openings that aren’t advertised elsewhere.
  • Job agencies: These agencies specialize in connecting job seekers with employers. Some agencies may have connections with employers who are willing to hire undocumented workers.

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