Temu, getting free items (Tips, Advice, and Share Your Code)

Introduction to Temu

Temu is an app similar to SheIn and AliExpress that offers various items and welcome promotions as a form of advertising. The best part is that you can receive these items without providing any credit card information, and Temu even accepts PayPal as a payment method. Once you place an order or successfully claim a promotion, you’ll receive a tracking number within two days. Additionally, all the products are shipped from Spain, so there are no customs concerns.

List of Offers and Tips

1. Cash Tree

  • Gift: 2 free items.
  • Required Number of People: Maximum of 10 individuals.
  • Timeframe: 24 hours.

2. Farm

  • Gift: 2 free items, €30 coupon for purchases over €100, and €40 coupon for purchases over €160.
  • Required Number of People: It is not yet clear, but you can also share with registered users. Purchases over €30 also earn water droplets.
  • Timeframe: 30 days.

3. Piggy Bank

  • Gift: €40 credit + €60 coupon for purchases over €300.
  • Required Number of People: 6-8 new users + 1 existing user + a user who has never played the game.
  • Timeframe: 24 hours.

4. Credit Gift

  • Gift: €40 credit + €160 coupon.
  • Required Number of People: 6-9 people + existing user if they haven’t tried it before.
  • Timeframe: 24 hours.
    (Note: This one is not recommended.)

5. Lucky Spin

  • Gift: €30 credit + €70 coupon for purchases over €300.
  • Required Number of People: 6-9 new users.
  • Timeframe: 24 hours.

6. Free Gift

  • Gift: 2 free items.
  • Required Number of People: 8-10 new users.
  • Timeframe: 24 hours.

7. Hat Trick

  • Gift: Three free items.
  • Required Number of People: 8-10 new users + 3 users who already have the app.
  • Timeframe: 24 hours.

Tips and Advice

Here are some tips and advice to enhance your Temu experience:

  1. Keep in mind that if you receive credit (for orders over €10), the shipping is free.
  2. The first time you attempt a promotion, you may need fewer new user registrations.
  3. Deleting the app and reinstalling it with a different email or phone number won’t make a difference. However, you can install it on tablets and other devices (consider using a different Google Play account).
  4. The number of users required does not depend on the price of the products. Choose items that you genuinely want, regardless of their cost. Typically, only one product will be significantly more expensive, while the rest will have a normal price.
  5. If your product arrives more than a week late, you will receive €5 for each delayed item.
  6. Most games on the app have a product search feature, so make sure to use it.
  7. Some users may not have access to all the mentioned promotions. In such cases, try accessing the app through another person’s referral link. If that doesn’t work, browse the app, add an item to your cart, and attempt a promotion that appears. It should become available after a few hours (this has been tested and confirmed by several friends).
  8. When the “share” option appears without mentioning new users or registered users, simply click on it and pretend to share it via WhatsApp or Instagram. If needed, you can even send it to yourself.
  9. If you know that claiming a promotion individually will be difficult, team up with a friend and share the reward.

By following these tips and taking advantage of the offers on Temu, you can enjoy free items and discounts while making the most of the app’s features. Remember to share your referral code with others to maximize your rewards. Happy Temu shopping!

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