Landing Your Dream Job in Canada: Top 10 Job Portals

If you’re seeking employment opportunities in Canada, you’re in the right place. This article will guide you through the top ten job portals where you can find a wealth of job openings in Canada. Save time by focusing your job search efforts on these reliable platforms.

An Overview of Canada

Canada, located in North America, is the world’s second-largest country after Russia, occupying half of North America’s territory. It shares borders with the United States to the north and south. While Ottawa is the capital of Canada, Toronto is the country’s largest city.

Canada is a multilingual country where both French and English are spoken. Depending on the region you choose to live in, one or the other language is predominantly spoken. However, English is spoken by 90% of the Canadian population.

Employment in Canada

Canada is one of the world’s wealthiest nations, boasting one of the highest economies globally, with a GDP exceeding one trillion dollars. This highly industrialized economy is rich in forest and mineral resources, including oil and gas.

Canada’s economic growth and opportunities for unskilled temporary workers in some industries make it an attractive destination for immigrants. Each year, Canada welcomes thousands of temporary workers. However, as a general rule, you need a work permit to work in Canada, and the procedure for obtaining one primarily depends on the job you will be performing.

Top 10 Job Portals for Job Hunting in Canada

Here is a list of the best job portals to kickstart your job search in Canada:


LinkedIn is one of the best options for finding qualified jobs in Canada. Most companies are present on this popular social network for job search.


Canadajobs is one of the country’s leading job portals. Here, you’ll find a multitude of job offers in Canada, as well as information on how to create a resume or conduct job interviews.


JobsinCanada is a job search engine. You can search by industries, cities, provinces, and other methods to refine your job search.


Simplyhired is another well-known job search engine in Canada. Through this website, you can locate opportunities in dozens of companies in the country.


Indeed is one of the world’s largest search engines. This page functions as a job offer aggregator and a meta-search engine that groups job offers from other web portals, companies, or networks.

Opciones Empleo

Opciones Empleo is another meta-search engine that groups job offers appearing to work in Canada from various web portals.


Monster is a job search engine that works very well in certain countries like Canada.


Jobbook is a job portal that connects people looking for work in Canada with the country’s main recruiters.

Job Applications

Job-applications is a website through which you can locate companies that are selecting staff and search through different categories.


Eluta is a website that offers technology to search for jobs in Canada directly on employers’ websites.

Salaries in Canada

The minimum interprofessional salary for 2020 in Canada has been set at €1,622 per month, i.e., €19,464 per year. This minimum wage is generally aimed at low-skilled jobs such as field work, waitstaff, cleaning staff, etc.

If you want to investigate a bit more about prices in Canada, you can know the price difference between some products in Canada and Spain or other countries through this website.

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