How to Renew Your Honduran Passport in the USA

Whether you’re planning to travel back to your home country, have changed your marital status, or your passport has expired, if you need to renew your Honduran passport, this guide will walk you through the process in simple steps.

Where to Start?

The first thing you need to do to renew your passport is to visit the nearest Honduran Consulate to your residence. The Honduran Consulates in the United States are located in Washington D.C.; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Houston, and Mc Allen in Texas; Los Angeles and San Francisco in California; Miami, Florida; New Orleans; New York, NY; Seattle, Washington; Boston, Massachusetts, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Each of these consulates has its own website, so you should look for the one closest to where you live.

When to Apply?

The general service hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and there are special conditions to attend to documented emergency cases. You must schedule a consular appointment online at this address, and for this, you need to have your Identification or DNI at hand. The process of the Honduran passport cannot be done entirely online; the person must be present to submit the documentation once the appointment is granted.

How Long is the Passport Valid?

Passports have a validity of five or ten years, and the fee varies for both. Individuals under 21 years of age can only apply for a 5-year passport. Occasionally, mobile consulates are opened, which are temporary offices for special days. In 2021, this was done, so check with your nearest consulate if there is still a mobile consulate providing the service.

What are the Fees?

The fee for 5-year passports is US$ 60.00 (consular offices) and US$ 78.00 (mobile consulate). And for 10-year passports, it’s US$ 75.00 (in consular offices) and US$ 97.50 (mobile consulate).

What are the Requirements?

To get your Honduran passport, you need to:

  • Have your valid Honduran Identity Card.
  • If you’re a woman and want your married name to appear, you must present your original and legal Marriage Certificate.
  • If you’re applying after your passport was stolen, damaged, or lost, or it hadn’t expired, you must present the complaint filed with the Police where the incident occurred or, failing that, make a Sworn Declaration at the Consular Office and pay US$ 50 for this procedure.
  • If you want your passport to be sent to your home, at your risk, you should bring a stamp of US$ 8.70.
  • Payments are made by money order.
  • You must also present the printed confirmation of the appointment.

Special Cases:

If you don’t have your DNI for any reason, then you should consider bringing the Original Birth Certificate or at least some valid Identity document from Honduras such as the Driver’s License or the Social Security Card. Other options can be official documents issued by the state in which you reside in the United States.

For Minors:

If you want to get a passport for your child, you must have their original digital birth certificate. Both parents must present all their documents. If one cannot attend, they must have signed an authorization in front of a notary in Honduras or at the nearest consular office (to the absent parent). In this authorization, of course, the name of the person who is authorized to carry out the procedure must be included.

Important Note:

In 2022, Honduras issued a decree whereby all its citizens inside or outside the country had to have a new identification or DNI

, making this the preliminary step for passport application. Although there have been some opinions and news indicating that due to the limited personnel and delay in the process (the document must be sent to Tegucigalpa for approval), they were accepting the previous DNI cards, it is advisable to verify this information if you do not have your updated DNI.

In conclusion, renewing your Honduran passport in the United States involves a series of steps that require careful attention. From scheduling an appointment with the nearest consulate to gathering the necessary documents, the process can be time-consuming but is essential for legal travel. Always remember to check the official consulate websites for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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