Clickadu: Your Gateway to Premium Digital Advertising

Introduction to Clickadu

Clickadu is a premium ad network that specializes in digital advertising for both web and mobile channels. With its unique capabilities and extensive expertise, Clickadu is committed to maximizing revenue for both publishers and advertisers.

Key Features and Statistics

Clickadu boasts impressive daily impressions of over 5.8 billion and daily conversions exceeding 3.6 million. The platform offers a variety of advertising formats, including banner ads, popunders, push notifications, inpage push, instant text messages, video pre-rolls, and skims.

The platform is home to over 3300 active publishers and hosts more than 41,300 active campaigns. This vast network ensures high eCPMs in over 240 countries, a 100% fill rate, and detailed site statistics for publishers.

Advantages of Clickadu

User-friendly Self-serve Platform

Clickadu offers a user-friendly self-serve platform equipped with a toolkit for statistics transparency and campaign automation. Campaign moderation is fast, allowing you to launch a campaign and start getting traffic within a coffee break.

Fraud and Bot Filters

The platform uses a machine learning-based algorithm to filter out poor quality traffic, ensuring that you only pay for genuine, quality clicks.

Multiple Payment Methods

Clickadu supports more than five payment solutions, making it easy for you to cash out or top up your balance.

360° Ad Coverage

With a wide variety of ad formats, your product is guaranteed to get noticed.

Qualified Support Team

Clickadu’s team of expert managers is always ready to help you succeed.

Partner Feedback

Clickadu’s partners have consistently praised the platform for its professionalism, responsiveness, and quality of traffic. Partners such as Zeydoo, Appmontize Media, Daraz Team, Shopee TH team, and Mobvista team have all expressed their satisfaction with the platform’s performance.


Clickadu is a trusted partner for digital advertising, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help publishers and advertisers maximize their revenue. With its user-friendly platform, advanced targeting options, and dedicated support team, Clickadu is an excellent choice for anyone looking to succeed in the world of digital advertising. Register today and start your journey to success with Clickadu.

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